#10, Rue Surcouf, Puducherry

Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm


Naushad Ali, a designer who constantly redefines simplicity; he is lost in his love for Indian traditional crafts, creating designs that interweave modern cuts with heritage fabrics. He believes in reliving the history of a culture by reviving its traditional fabrics.

A NIFT Chennai design graduate, after working a few years in the already defined fashion retail industry, made his way to Auroville. He set up Studio Liam in 2013, creating a design line that transported the glory of traditional craftsmen in his country to the contemporary fashion arena. At his studio in Auroville every garment is designed, tailored and packed with earnest dedication.

A pop-up store in Puducherry at the beginning of 2014 was a success and indicated that there was a niche market for Naushad Ali's “simple and easy” designs, as he likes to define it. Alongside his established women's wear, the pop-up store also saw the launch of “Indigo Love”, a range of men's shirts created out of organic,natural indigo dyed cotton, using age old traditional dyeing techniques.

He works closely with weavers from around the country, Kanchipuram, Chettinad, Pochampally and West Bengal to develop his own fabrics. The brand and production process are a reflection of his simple and extremely innovative thinking process, with playful surprises thrown in at unexpected moments. 

“I want to someday have a design studio where the designers and craftsmen work hand in hand 
to create beautiful clothes. A place where different weavers across the country work together; a single roof where design is celebrate from loom to fashion.”